Dariusz Leszczynski, Round table website och MMF

On February 7, 2013 I sent e-mails ..Michael Milligan of Mobile Manufacturers Forum, and Rüdiger Matthes of ICNIRP  –  ”asking whether their respective organizations would be interested and willing to participate in The Round Table Initiative.”

Dariusz Leszczynski, Round table website 

”In his capacity as Secretary General, Mr Milligan is responsible for the co-ordination of the association’s global activities in the fields of research support, standards development, regulatory affairs and communications. Immediately prior to joining the MMF, Mr Milligan was the Deputy Executive Officer for the Australian Mobile Telecomunications Association where he was involved with the association’s regulatory and communications activities relating to electromagnetic fields.  Mr Milligan has also worked at senior levels in government in Australia.  His formal qualifications include a Master and Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Graduate Diploma in Natural Resources Law.”  http://mmfai.info/public/staff-bios.cfm

About the MMF

The MMF is an international association of telecommunications equipment manufacturers with an interest in mobile or wireless communications. Established in 1998, the association mission is to facilitate joint funding of key research projects and cooperation on standards, regulatory issues and communications concerning the safety of wireless technology, accessibility and environmental issues.   The MMF has offices in Belgium, Brazil and Hong Kong and is currently active in more than 30 countries, as well as supporting an extensive international research program.  Our key areas of interest and activity include:

Research in the field of health and safety of mobile communications equipment

  • The MMF’s goal in research is to promote the highest quality independent research that provides relevant data to develop sound public policy.  MMF funds research to answer important scientific questions.  To achieve this, the MMF has responded to the research recommendations of the World Health Organization’s Electromagnetic Fields Project and has coordinated its global activities to correspond with these recommendations.
  • Only by enhancing the existing scientific database relating to radio frequency EMF will it be possible to perform an independent health risk assessment recognised by the scientific community as well as by Government and Statutory bodies.

National and international consensus standards

  • The MMF’s goal in standards is to have a globally harmonised and consistent approach to conformance and compliance tests and that all safety standards be based on the best available scientific data.
  • The MMF coordinates its inputs and contributes relevant expertise within standards-setting processes.
  • The MMF commissions quality research in support of standards.

Regulatory policy

  • The MMF’s regulatory activities are focussed on developing and presenting the views of the mobile industry to regulatory agencies and authorities in a globally coordinated manner.
  • The MMF also responds to requests for information, or assistance, by national and international bodies in relation to the safety of wireless technology, accessibility and environmental issues.

Public communications

  • The MMF’s communications activity is designed to provide high quality public information and analysis on the safety of wireless technology, accessibility and environmental issues.
  • The MMF supports national trade associations by providing a source of information that is based on the pooled resources and networks of our member companies.

Rüdiger Matthes- ICNIRP



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