Uppdatering av ICNIRP

Our campaign is growing, we are almost up to 1000 signatures. Please share.

In India the exposure limit was set to 1/10 of the ICNIRP level last December. They lead the way in this fight for health and peace of mind.

Some people, such as children and the frail and elderly are extremely sensitive to current EMF exposure levels. A portion of the global population is now know to be EHS (Electromagnetic-Hyper-Sensitive).

Seen from a broader perspective, cell phone and cell phone tower radiation reduces pineal gland melatonin production significantly. Melatonin is our naturally produced, very powerful antioxidant and activator of anti-oxidative enzymes. Melatonin also scavenges free radicals, effectively preventing cancer from radiation.

General health is degrading globally due to cell phone and cell phone tower radiation -as well as accumulating toxins in our bodies and the environment-.


Healthy melatonin production is crucial for the immune system. Unhealthy pineal function leads to depression, illnesses and diseases due to the weakening of the immune system and tumorous growths -since prescribed melatonin was found to fight cancer quite effectively- and mental ills of all sorts.. Pineal function is the missing link. The mobile industry had funded Mobile Telecommunications and Health Services in the 90’s, so their research is blatantly corrupt and they are responsible for damaging pineal function for teenagers and children in the developmental stage, when they need it the most.




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